Reaching Rio is a workplace physical activity challenge.

Reaching Rio is an online challenge taking teams on a virtual route from London to Rio – where physical activity, from walking to football, dance to swimming, is logged by teams online and converted into miles.

Teams work together to race to Rio along the interactive map. Miles are gained by doing physical activity such as walking, cycling, team sports and dancing, then logging activity via the website or mobile web app.

It’s fun and is a great topic of conversation in the office. Why not set up teams in your area and have a mini-challenge to see who can reach Rio first?

Team can be made up of up to five people, it is ideal if you all work together but you could have a team of freelancers or get friends and family from other Sussex businesses in your team.  It's your team, you decide!

The Leader Board showcases progress and members' profile pages list their calorie burn statistics and team progress.

As an added incentive, there are prizes to be won along the way, and a grand prize for the first overall team to reach Rio.

You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to take part. Why not use it as a chance to refresh any long-forgotten new year’s resolutions to be more healthy!

Spread the word - the more teams that compete, the more fun it will be!