Can I still join?

Absolutely! Depending when you join you may not reach Rio by the time the challenge ends on 5 August but you'll have loads of fun and maybe even improve your fitness along the way.

How do I get started?

Sign up for a free account with Reaching Rio.

Join the Reaching Rio 2016 Challenge. If you are a team captain type in your team name. If you are not a captain select a team to join.

Tell your friends. You need 4 more people to join your team, so spread the word!

May 16th - challenge begins! You can still participate after this date...

Log your activity using your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer to gain miles towards Rio. Have fun and get fit!

We'll send you updates to let you know how your team is progressing during the challenge. If you have any questions contact Reaching Rio HQ. You can also follow us on Twitter @reachingrio

How do I join a team?


Click My Profile

Click the pink Join a Team button.

How do I get the app?

Reaching Rio is a 'web' app (not a native app that you have to download from an app store). Visit http://reachingrio.org on your mobile or tablet and select "Save icon to your home screen". 

I don't have 5 on my team, can I still race?

Absolutely! We had some teams with only 3-4 members last year. You'll just have to do more activities to get to Rio. Remember if you are a sole trader or work for a small company you can add team members from other organisations to help you reach 5.

Can I log Gardening, Shopping and Housework as activities?

If you do heavy gardening that you consider a legitimate workout you can log it under Gardening (heavy).

Neither shopping or housework are appropriate activities to log.

What happens when we Reach Rio?

You should celebrate! But it doesn't end there, once you've completed the virtual route to Rio, you'll unlock a bonus challenge! You have to reach Rio to find out more!