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Team - The Unfit Bits

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Miles: 7457

Activities logged: 133

Minutes logged: 7409

Steps logged: 81638

Calories burnt: 53618

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Up early to go to the gym
heather, 1st August 2016 - 35 minutes of Gym Workout

Lovely walking around London with the boys finished the day off with a ride on the London eye to have a rest
heather, 28th July 2016 - 210 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Pokémon hunting with the kids why'll they stopped to get there Pokémon I just kept walking
heather, 26th July 2016 - 110 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

40 minutes and the running machine 35 minutes rowing machine
40 cross trainer
heather, 26th July 2016 - 115 minutes of Gym Workout

Sun is shining so took my youngest out for a very long walk
heather, 25th July 2016 - 182 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Walk down along the beach and back
heather, 24th July 2016 - 80 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

60 minutes to get to the pub have a drink and walk home for Bbq 5 1/2 miles
heather, 23rd July 2016 - 120 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Lots off walking on a lovely sunny day
heather, 22nd July 2016 - 116 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

This was ment to be a relaxing hoilday was up 2 hrs of walking along the beach before anyone else was up then 2 1/2 hrs walking after dinner
heather, 4th July 2016 - 270 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

A weekend on the I.o.w walk in the morning and again after a camping bbq and marshmallows, chocolate and chocolate
heather, 2nd July 2016 - 180 minutes of Walking (Brisk)


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