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Miles: 6654

Activities logged: 256

Minutes logged: 8323

Steps logged: 680676

Calories burnt: 71904

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Last one Sir!
Izzy, 5th August 2016 - 31 minutes of Running

Goal achieved! Last day of this challenge and thank god I managed my own set (ambitious) target of 6500 miles! Even if it got a bit quieter at the end I'm happy that I didn't give up and finished this race just as I've started it. Por joder, hombre, sólo por joder :)
Izzy, 4th August 2016 - 35 minutes of Yoga

The usual
Izzy, 4th August 2016 - 63 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

XC run, up and down Bryn Euryn
Izzy, 3rd August 2016 - 53 minutes of Running

Pokémon again :)
Izzy, 2nd August 2016 - 88 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Morning walk
Izzy, 31st July 2016 - 62 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Actually Frisbee and badminton on the beach
Izzy, 31st July 2016 - 50 minutes of Gymnastics

Evening session
Izzy, 31st July 2016 - 50 minutes of Yoga

Good morning
Izzy, 30th July 2016 - 69 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Pokémon hunt with my eldest: what a great excuse to go for a walk!
Izzy, 28th July 2016 - 51 minutes of Walking (Brisk)


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