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The final run... well, not ever, but on here...
Geoff, 5th August 2016 - 33 minutes of Running

Penultimate run of the week! Hopefully just a cruise around tomorrow...
Geoff, 4th August 2016 - 29 minutes of Running

"Fast-ish" 5k. Hopes of making the 5000 behind Neill target seems to be vanishing, but the running training is good
Geoff, 3rd August 2016 - 22 minutes of Running

Slightly painful around the toes...
Geoff, 2nd August 2016 - 31 minutes of Running

Rainy early morning run - work->Crawley Down->work. Might not get to within 5000 but I'm going to try!
Geoff, 2nd August 2016 - 99 minutes of Running

Climbing, climbing, climbing
Geoff, 1st August 2016 - 120 minutes of Climbing

Worth - East Grinstead, ida y vuelta
Geoff, 31st July 2016 - 105 minutes of Running

TB run. "Belay deniers": people who believe that when not actively climbing people are just standing chatting rather than preventing the person on the other end of the rope falling to the ground at high speed. Extensive research has shown it preferable not to drop from 10m on to your head, so this is generally recognised as a useful activity amongst the climbing community...
Geoff, 29th July 2016 - 30 minutes of Running

Improvised multi-terrain route including pavement, footpath and completely off-piste...
Geoff, 28th July 2016 - 52 minutes of Running

Big climbing session followed by very tasty pizza! Time to remove that cushion - may be an uncomfortable time on the hard chair of midweek...
Geoff, 27th July 2016 - 180 minutes of Climbing


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