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Stage: Rio!

Total Miles: 9645 (2043 miles to next stage)

Activity Miles: 7555

Quiz Bonus Miles: 1590

Team Challenge Bonus Miles: 500

Activities logged: 169

Minutes logged: 7906

Steps logged: 326702

Calories burnt: 63733

Team Members
HURIYA BEYAN (View profile) 1973 miles
Sue Cunliffe (View profile) 1734 miles
Paul Blain (View profile) 1656 miles
Kim Russell (View profile) 1174 miles
Karen Grainger (View profile) 1018 miles

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Walking to and from the conference centre
Kim, 12th June 2016 - 9836 steps of Pedometer

Stand duty at the ADA
Kim, 11th June 2016 - 15836 steps of Pedometer

5k at the ADA
Kim, 12th June 2016 - 51 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Minimal rest and high volume
Paul, 9th June 2016 - 85 minutes of Weightlifting

Dog walk pm
Paul, 9th June 2016 - 45 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Dog walk am
Paul, 9th June 2016 - 30 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Skipping must be the most cardiovascular exercise invented! Phew...
Karen, 9th June 2016 - 5 minutes of Skipping

Dog is tired after our walk down the lanes, lol
Karen, 9th June 2016 - 20 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Treadmill, cycle, weights...
Karen, 9th June 2016 - 45 minutes of Gym Workout

Lovely morning for gardening before work!
Sue, 9th June 2016 - 60 minutes of Gardening (Heavy)

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Some creative activity going on here!
By: Idrees Rasul-Shaikh on May 31, 2016 00:31