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Stage: Rio to Tokyo

Total Miles: 16909 (1793 miles to next stage)

Activity Miles: 15259

Quiz Bonus Miles: 1650

Team Challenge Bonus Miles: 0

Activities logged: 376

Minutes logged: 21891

Steps logged:

Calories burnt: 139093

Team Members
Jack Kosky (View profile) 5298 miles
Luke Marsden (View profile) 3640 miles
shenali kalawana (View profile) 3299 miles
Sam Farrington (View profile) 2614 miles
Shanice Mohammed (View profile) 438 miles

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lunch walk
Luke, 5th August 2016 - 35 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Nice long run to finish it off. Got lost but that was half the run.
Luke, 5th August 2016 - 72 minutes of Running

Summit back to start. Slower down than up, and it was only 3.4k...
Jack, 5th August 2016 - 80 minutes of Running

Blamann Vertical km. "High" intensity as couldn't find "extreme".
Jack, 5th August 2016 - 50 minutes of Running

Warm up in hotel
Jack, 5th August 2016 - 20 minutes of Gym Workout

Sam, 4th August 2016 - 120 minutes of Tennis

Walking in the rain
Luke, 4th August 2016 - 35 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Tromsø sightseeing run
Jack, 4th August 2016 - 45 minutes of Running

Walking to and from work via town
shenali, 28th July 2016 - 70 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Walking to and from the gym
shenali, 27th July 2016 - 60 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

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