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Stage: Rio!

Total Miles: 10283 (1405 miles to next stage)

Activity Miles: 9743

Quiz Bonus Miles: 540

Team Challenge Bonus Miles: 0

Activities logged: 213

Minutes logged: 9770

Steps logged: 357383

Calories burnt: 78752

Team Members
Vicky Smart (View profile) 4420 miles
Bridget Pettitt (View profile) 2913 miles
Nicola Kemp (View profile) 1766 miles
Renee Dickinson (View profile) 644 miles

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Barcelona street pounding...!!!
Vicky, 23rd July 2016 - 23309 steps of Pedometer

you can cycle in platform heels and toe clips!
Bridget, 14th June 2016 - 140 minutes of Cycling

A two hour walk from Sorrento town back to the hotel.
Nicola, 18th May 2016 - 120 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

double points...yay!
Vicky, 17th May 2016 - 60 minutes of Fitness Class (Not dance based)

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