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Stage: Cuzco to Santiago

Total Miles: 8025 (356 miles to next stage)

Activity Miles: 6795

Quiz Bonus Miles: 1230

Team Challenge Bonus Miles: 0

Activities logged: 210

Minutes logged: 5011

Steps logged: 1057162

Calories burnt: 71509

Team Members
Ann Little (View profile) 3292 miles
Lauren Sexton (View profile) 1226 miles
Lucy Witherick (View profile) 849 miles
Catherine Saunders (View profile) 769 miles
Cathy McMonagle (View profile) 659 miles

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Great Class at the Gym - training class wearing bouncing boots
Cathy, 17th June 2016 - 60 minutes of Fitness Class (Not dance based)

warm down, with a few sprints
Catherine, 21st June 2016 - 15 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Lucy , 13th June 2016 - 45 minutes of Zumba

Lucy , 15th June 2016 - 45 minutes of Zumba

The usual day finished with a couple of miles along the beach. Even paddled in the cold water!
Ann, 8th June 2016 - 16423 steps of Pedometer

A day sightseeing in London. Walked over 14 miles!!
Ann, 2nd June 2016 - 33353 steps of Pedometer

Warm down (although 2 sprint runs as well)
Catherine, 28th May 2016 - 15 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Warm down!
Catherine, 24th May 2016 - 10 minutes of Cycling

Morning Gym session
Cathy, 24th May 2016 - 30 minutes of Running

gym session after work
Cathy, 23rd May 2016 - 30 minutes of Gym Workout

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