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Stage: Rio to Tokyo

Total Miles: 16410 (2292 miles to next stage)

Activity Miles: 14150

Quiz Bonus Miles: 2010

Team Challenge Bonus Miles: 250

Activities logged: 334

Minutes logged: 6540

Steps logged: 1318097

Calories burnt: 88917

Team Members
Veryan Nicholls (View profile) 5261 miles
Alison Shapley (View profile) 4049 miles
Sophie Harden (View profile) 1958 miles
Chantelle Bateman (View profile) 1525 miles
Sarah Butler (View profile) 1357 miles

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Lost count of how many lengths...
Alison, 11th July 2016 - 45 minutes of Swimming

March into town to get lunch.
Alison, 11th July 2016 - 20 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

Zumba class - bit like an uncoordinated spider this evening!
Alison, 7th July 2016 - 45 minutes of Dancing (Including zumba and dance classes)

Excellent time doing the Pretty Muddy Challenge.
Veryan, 3rd July 2016 - 17854 steps of Pedometer

Impromptu garden badminton - very tricky due to slope of garden, trip hazards and overhanging trees, but good fun.
Alison, 3rd July 2016 - 40 minutes of Badminton

Gardening with hubby and friendly Robin.
Alison, 2nd July 2016 - 120 minutes of Gardening (Heavy)

60 lengths!
Alison, 30th June 2016 - 45 minutes of Swimming

Sneaky ten minutes of badminton in my lunch break.
Alison, 30th June 2016 - 10 minutes of Badminton

Lunchtime walk with my work colleagues.
Alison, 27th June 2016 - 30 minutes of Walking (Brisk)

For sale: skipping rope, used once.....
Alison, 26th June 2016 - 7 minutes of Skipping

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:( Hope you feel better soon Alison
By: Chantelle Bateman on May 20, 2016 23:50

Wow - Alison you are smashing it!
By: Michelle Bull on May 18, 2016 10:26